Welcome! Xosh Gelmisiniz! Bonjour! Gamarjoba! Konichiwa!

Baku Mosque near Baku Airport

I am graduate student in sociology and this is the landing page for my blog that I’ve maintained for a several years – most of the articles relate to my Peace Corps service in Azerbaijan.

After a significant hiatus, I’ve re-designed The Brief Note; trying to learn the ins-and-outs of webdesign, instead of the hodge-podge understanding that got me this far. More importantly, I’m stoked about Markdown – have you seen this, have you heard about this?


Although there is considerable overlap, click the following if you were directed here by an interest in Azerbaijan or the entire Caucasus region and click here if you are interested in sociology or more academic themes.

Feel free to jump to (by far) my most read post: The Evil Eye and Mountain Karma

I’m also working on an on-going mini-project to flex my theoretical muscles: Diagrams of Theory